Sunday, April 1, 2012

One man and his shed (or barn)

I've made a rare purchase, and also reached a painting milestone!

"Doesn't it look lovely, men?  Burn it down."

I have recently managed to complete painting on all of my Wars of the Roses figures, which has been a monster project for some time.  Well, perhaps not 100% complete, as there are some mercenary pikemen and handgunners lurking about - but the longbowmen and billmen that make up about 90+% of the armies are finally finished!  I intend to celebrate by having a quick one-off game shortly, using the Hail Caesar rules I got at Xmas (where does the time go?)

I also celebrated by a rare thing for me - purchasing scenery!  I was in Glasgow at the weekend and found myself bringing back the mini-haul of a copy of 'Last Argument of Kings' (the supplement for 'Black Powder' covering the 18th Century) when I got some odds and ends: including some flocking, plus a small model building that'd be excellent for Wars of the Roses.  It should add itself nicely to a few battlescenes - provided it escapes the attentions of foragers!

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