Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Northern Map, 1461

I have just realised that I've not yet provided a full map on the blog - after all my discussions about how to make it!  Here, then, is the full thing:

With the key nobles shown on their respective home areas, it's actually a bit like this:

As I previously mentioned, I shall be playing the various individuals, but for simple blogging advantage I shall do it all from the 'perspective' of one noble - selected as appropriate, depending on the situation.  Since this is the beginning I can pick pretty much as I please, and have selected Lord Hadley.  He can be seen above in the right-hand column, second row from bottom.


  1. Hi there, I am looking forward to seeing what you produce. It has inspired me to get something similar off the ground with some like minded gamers at my local club.

  2. Hi Richard - glad to hear it! I may be able to rope people at my own club in for the odd game, if an interesting match-up takes their fancy. Good luck in your own efforts!