Thursday, May 31, 2012

Science Fiction - on Paper!

As I mentioned last post, I've been packing up for a house-move, now scheduled for the end of July - two months with no real chance to do much gaming!  Still, in the meantime I am still looking around for gaming things to stay active with.  

One of the old projects I once looked into was a Sci-Fi game, letting me do something totally imagination-based and creative.  However, once I had drawn maps and made rules: nothing.  I had no figures!

The idea of purchasing some floated around on the 'to do' list for ages, but something else always came above it.  The time, the expense: I couldn't invest it.  However, things changed as of last night, when I was doing a bit of internet-browsing.

There's an outfit called armor grid games that do a game and figures for Mech-style combat, where you use models assembled from paper - suddenly, I had the inspiration I needed.  I could use them, printing as many as I needed, all with a quite astoundingly low cost in time and money relative to models!  Plus, they also looked pretty good!

I scooted over to wargame vault and discovered that not only was it a download-right-away setup, but it was also extremely cheap (around £7 for a whole bundle of stuff!)

Last night saw the first initial experimental construction, which is pictured above. I printed off some infantry onto photo-paper, cut & glued as instructed, then got busy with the craft-knife.  The results are two squads of heavy Terran Federal infantry, one with a Machine Gun support-weapon.  Infantry seem to be okay to assemble, if a little fiddly to cut out, and all other vehicles & mechs should be easier by comparison!

Overall, I feel pretty pleased with this little discovery, and thought I'd share.  :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hobby Plans

My Plans, Yesterday.
I was doing some painting yesterday for my 1815 Plastic 1/72 armies, and decided to time myself.  I like planning progress, but have no idea how long a single unit takes!  Well, now I know - 75 minutes.  One and a quarter hours, to produce a ten-figure unit of infantry.  I was all pleased, until...  Real life intervened.

My flat is sold and now my wife and I have bought a house!  Or more accurately, we have made an offer on one, for a theoretical moving date of the end of June.  From now until then, we have to pack up every single thing we own, for moving day (or M-Day, as I'm inevitably calling it.)  This means that hobby stuff like my models and painting will have to go into the deep-freeze for that time, although hopefully I will ultimately be unpacking them in a brand-new Man-Cave, potentially even with space for my painting and gaming to be permanently set up!  Onwards and Upwards...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Longstreet's Corps

Progress on the ACW Plastic 1/72 figures!  I have now reached roughly the one-third point in finished bases, and am currently battering on with painting up the next third.  Here's some pictures, to show the finished articles.

The full total now stands at one General, 11 Infantry brigades, and 2 bases of Artillery.  It's a nice little force of something like 23-24,000 men.  

In other news, I hear via dealers on the internet that Italeri are re-releasing their range of Union infantry later this year, so that'll be perfect timing to let me save up for them when they appear, and then complete my force for a Gettysburg re-fight!