Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prussian Guns

The final outstanding arrival has turned up - two boxes of HaT Napoleonic Prussian Artillery. These ones were quite difficult to find, and I wound up ordering from America through ebay International. Fine service, although shipping took quite a time (obviously) and also the box was battered & squashed (thanks, postman!) Thankfully the packing the sender used, plus the soft & flexible plastic fo the figures themselves, meant these guys were practically indestructible. Only the boxes got a bit crumpled!

Now I can get on with some serious painting - there's not been too much model-painting recently, sadly, as I had a bit of a DIY disaster here and most brush-wielding efforts have been directed at the walls of the flat! Still, I'm hoping to get some work done this coming weekend - and possibly even a game!

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