Monday, August 29, 2011

The Day of Paint

Hooray! Yesterday (Monday) was a very successful day off to 'work' all day at hobby painting. I spent the day doing nothing but working on my Perry Miniatures 'Wars of the Roses' figures, and by virtue of concentrating all efforts on this, I've managed to make some strides forward!

To recap, I have a massive 'to do' pile of 32 bases (10 figures a base, so 320 figures - just for the regular bow-and-bill units.) I have 11 bases done already, which I showed off earlier as my Basic Impetus Yorkist army. So, 21 bases to go!

There's two approached to painting a large project, I find: break it up into small nibbles and fully complete a section at a time; or do the whole thing as a mammoth one-off and try to do the whole thing in one batch. I find the first method is best at the early stages, just to avoid getting discouraged. Towards the middle stage of a project, I find that it can actually get worse as one completed 'chunk' goes away and gets replaced by yet another identical 'chunk'. After a while, it's good to switch to a huge pile, so you can see the entire thing and think 'yes, it's a lot to do, but once this is done, that's it!' My WOTR project is now at that stage, thankfully!

I have been painting away at all the un-showy, laborious and off-putting jobs, which have now been swept out of the way. Specifically:

Green bases - never again shall a paintbrush undercoat the lush grasses of Medieval England for these guys!
Steel - all arrowheads, sword hilts, bills, sallets and plate armour are done. Blacksmiths across England have filed for bankruptcy!
Flesh - the hands and faces are done, meaning that when the police investigate the aftermath of a battle, the photofit people will at least have somewhere to start. (Assuming the 15th century had the photofit. Or the police.)

This metaphor is getting even weirder.

The end result of this dull-but-worthy painting is that I'm now on the downhill - only materials like liveries, leggings, etc. remain, plus some detailing on belts, etc. Then it's all done, save for the dip/varnish finish!

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