Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gaming Quick-Fix Options

Thinks have been a bit quiet here on the wargaming front. I've been dividing my attentions between the Wars of the Roses figures and the growing Waterloo Plastics project. I need something that's a bit more of a 'quick hit' for a gaming fix. I've done a little towards this with my old stand-by option of my Seven Years' War collection, which I've launched into a little mini-campaign with (I'll spare you the full details as they're on my other blog) In any case, it's proven a nice refresher.

So, what else is there? As ever, I'm long on ideas but short on resources (money, and particularly time.) So I have to fall back on what I already have or something I can do with only counters or something similar I can make easily enough.

I aim to continue with the other two, and root around for something else. I was wondering though if any other wargamers have come up with an ingenious solution to this sort of quick-fix problem, where every project threatens to be a monster-sized epic, and nothing can get done in the here-and-now?

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  1. It's an interesting quandary isn't it - we need our wargaming 'fix', but when time doesn't allow, it gets frustrating not being able to get your teeth into something - with me, that normally means a long list of 'just dip my toe into this' type projects, and the resulting half-formed half finished stuff languishing on the back burner for ever..... have you seen what David Crook has been doing over at his Blog with wooden block armies, though - some really good ideas and easily achievable if you have a printer on hand: