Saturday, April 11, 2015

28mm Republican Roman Army

Hi - I've been quiet here for a while, and thought I'd finally post some pics of what I've been busy with!  It's a Republican Roman Army (or 'Polybian Roman') for the Punic Wars, in 28mm!

15 bases of troops, all painted up - although I've still got the basing to do

All the figures are Victrix 28mm Romans, except for the commanders (Agema Miniatures) and the cavalry (unknown source, as I got them second-hand!)

The Hastati & Principes are the red-shields, the Triarii are blue, and all the Latin Allies are white

For months I've only seen them one or two units at a time, for painting.  They certainly look like a fearsome mob when all set out together!  

Hopefully a bit of a better close-up on some of the infantry types

A group-photo of the Consul Maximus Mendacious, along with some of his Tribunes


  1. Looking very nice, are they based for any system in particular?

  2. Very nice! Lovely crisp painting

  3. Hiya! Thanks for the compliments. The basing system is basically the Impetus standard (12cm base-width for 28mm figures) but I'm actually planning to use them with the Sword & Spear rules set. Or rather, I will when I have some opponents for them - either when I paint up some Carthaginians, or Ric cracks and gets some Gauls off eBay, whichever comes first!