Sunday, May 12, 2013

Order of Battle, 1461

[Transcription from scrolls found in the alternate-history records:]

Roll of those magnates and nobles of declared loyalty to the house of Lancaster, and the anointed king:

The army VAWARD, under the leadership of PRINCE of WALES, EDWARD of Lancaster, heir to the throne of England, and a boy of some seven years of age.  Assisting him in overseeing all practical aspects of warfare is Humphrey Stafford, Duke of BUCKINGHAM.  Also present to advise is Sir Andrew Trollope, lately master of the king's garrison at Calais.  In combination, these nobles bring some 6,000 men to the field.

The MAIN, under the leadership of his Majesty KING HENRY, sixth of his name, crowned king of England and France, Lord of Ireland.  Somewhat reticent in matters military, he is assisted by his advisor Sir Edmund Beaufort, Duke of SOMERSET and erstwhile rival of the pretender's late father, Richard Plantagenet.  Ably assisted by many mercenaries and volunteer troops supplied from FRANCE, the King commands some 8,000 men.

The REARWARD of the host, led by Sir Henry Beaufort, son of Edmund and heir to the Dukedom of SOMERSET, whose warlike disposition sees him lead the family's retainers in the field.  In addition there are many levies from the loyal city of NEWCASTLE under the leadership of Baron POYNINGS and also many mercenary soldiers for hire lately of SCOTLAND, under many worthy captains.  The Rearward force of 7,000 men raises the strength of the ROYAL ARMY to 21,000 loyal men.

Those Magnates and Nobles who profess loyalty to the house of York, claimants to the throne of England:

The VAWARD of those followers of George Plantagenet, Duke of CLARENCE and younger brother to the pretender and youth of twelve years, guided by Sir Walter DEVEREUX.  Richard Neville, 5th Earl of SALISBURY, and noted Welsh Lord William HERBERT - who, between them field 8,000 men for battle.

The MAIN is under the bellicose Edward Plantagenet, 4th Duke of YORK and PRETENDER to the crown, either traitor or rightful heir, as persuasion guides.  Ably assisted by many men of loyalty to his house from IRELAND under Sir Roger VAUGHAN and other mercenaries dispatched from BURGUNDY under captains of war, of good reputation.  This host numbers some 10,000 souls.

The REARWARD is under the direction of the pretenders' other brother Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of RUTLAND.  He is accompanied by John DeMowbray, 3rd Duke of NORFOLK and many diverse levies from NORWICH under the Baron HOWARD.  Much depleted by campaigns in the north, the Rear numbers only 5,000.  The full Yorkist host of the Pretender numbers some 23,000 soldiers and captains.

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