Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I've been up to...

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted - it's certainly not for a lack of activity, anyway!  I should really provide some sort of summary of what hobby-linked stuff I've been up to.      Over the past few weeks, I have:

Done pretty much no painting!
Okay, not a great one I'll grant you, but following my massive painting bender over Christmas I'm pretty relaxed about taking a little pause.  I've focused instead on playing some games, which has been much more enjoyable.

Played a massive board game of WW2!
I have long been a fan of block board-games, and to my mind GMT Games' "Europe Engulfed" is one of the top ones - certainly the best World War Two strategic level game I've played (as opposed to the massive economic simulator that Advanced Third Reich seemed to think it was.)  Over a few weekends I've been playing away at it, and - as I went along - wrote out a narrative of the game for myself.  I'll tidy it down, edit it up and post it on the blog.  I always find these alternative history AAR's to be fascinating reading when other people do it, so I'm finally having a go myself.  

Dug out my Hundred Years' War 6mm!
BBC 4 recently had on a little three-part series which was called 'Chivalry and Betrayal: The Hundred Years' War' - and I actually found it to be very good.  Also, you fundamentally don't see that many telly shows about wars of the middle ages, so thumbs-up for the Beeb simply for making it!  I was also moved to get my old half-rebased, half-unpainted models from Baccus 6mm out of the loft, for a spruce-up and a possible quick mess-around in some DBA-style games.

Ordered my 1/72 Army of the Potomac!
Yes, the completed 1/72 Confederates now have an enemy to face!  Or, at least they shortly will.  After much obsessive planning and preparing, I have swooped across various Amazon and Ebay marketplaces to gather all my odds and ends.  Due to the long gestation of the planning, I have also been able to basically get all the extras I wanted - such as the MDF bases for them all, some lead 'character' figures for generals, and also spray-paints to allow speedy mass-painting of all those blue coats.  

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