Monday, February 4, 2013

Anglo-Allied Infantry, 1815

Hooray, and Hoopty-doo!  After a very long, long, long-running painting effort, I have reached something of a milestone in my Waterloo painting project.  All the infantry for the Anglo-Allied army is now completed!  

By my count, I have painted about 310 figures for 1/72 scale infantry, in order to bring the army to the tabletop.  A few cavalry and gunners remain, but nothing major when compared to what's been done - not long before the Anglo-Allied army can be cleared away, and work can begin on the French one!

The whole collection - redcoats on the left, blue-coated Dutch in the middle, and  Green/Black-coated 'others' on the right.

British infantry and KGL - the figures have not yet been washed in a Devlan-Mud-style coat, and so look a bit bright and lacking in definition.

Trivia fact: I hate painting white straps!

Brunswicker, 95th Rifles, Hanoverian and Nassauer troops

Figures vary immensely, but the Airfix ones stand out as being particularly poor when compared to others, such as Revell and Italeri.

Dutch and Belgian troops

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