Thursday, May 31, 2012

Science Fiction - on Paper!

As I mentioned last post, I've been packing up for a house-move, now scheduled for the end of July - two months with no real chance to do much gaming!  Still, in the meantime I am still looking around for gaming things to stay active with.  

One of the old projects I once looked into was a Sci-Fi game, letting me do something totally imagination-based and creative.  However, once I had drawn maps and made rules: nothing.  I had no figures!

The idea of purchasing some floated around on the 'to do' list for ages, but something else always came above it.  The time, the expense: I couldn't invest it.  However, things changed as of last night, when I was doing a bit of internet-browsing.

There's an outfit called armor grid games that do a game and figures for Mech-style combat, where you use models assembled from paper - suddenly, I had the inspiration I needed.  I could use them, printing as many as I needed, all with a quite astoundingly low cost in time and money relative to models!  Plus, they also looked pretty good!

I scooted over to wargame vault and discovered that not only was it a download-right-away setup, but it was also extremely cheap (around £7 for a whole bundle of stuff!)

Last night saw the first initial experimental construction, which is pictured above. I printed off some infantry onto photo-paper, cut & glued as instructed, then got busy with the craft-knife.  The results are two squads of heavy Terran Federal infantry, one with a Machine Gun support-weapon.  Infantry seem to be okay to assemble, if a little fiddly to cut out, and all other vehicles & mechs should be easier by comparison!

Overall, I feel pretty pleased with this little discovery, and thought I'd share.  :-)

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