Thursday, June 7, 2012

Initial Sci-Fi Force

I have made a bit of progress with my Sci-Fi force, and thought I'd show how it has taken form.  This has been progressing at a nice, leisurely pace of a base or two being cut out at a time (fills in an evening rather easily, and I did some the other night while Star Trek was on the telly, appropriately enough.)

This beast is a 'Heavy' Tank, with a turret-mounted cannon.  The assembly is a nice little 'double-box' affair where one slides within another, and actually makes the whole quite rigid.  Next to it is one of a few infantry bases I put together.  

Ah, now here's the fancy stuff!  Three Mechs!  As I'm starting out on what I hope will be a longer story narrative for the Sci-Fi world I'm making up as I go along, I have built three 'light' mechs for now - the tank is still definitely the biggest thing on the battlefield, and infantry the most numerous, mainly because I'm saving the introduction of larger & more numerous Mechs for later, as the technology develops & spreads.  As such, I've also equipped them all in a particularly uniform way, with a machine-gun and a laser each, to make them a standard 'Guardian' class mech.  

So here they all are: this force is the initial Federal (i.e. 'Earth-centric') authority that will run human space, and is responsible for fighting the rivals that shall soon follow: uppity planetary colonial types that want to break away from central control, and form their own interstellar empires.

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