Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hobby Plans

My Plans, Yesterday.
I was doing some painting yesterday for my 1815 Plastic 1/72 armies, and decided to time myself.  I like planning progress, but have no idea how long a single unit takes!  Well, now I know - 75 minutes.  One and a quarter hours, to produce a ten-figure unit of infantry.  I was all pleased, until...  Real life intervened.

My flat is sold and now my wife and I have bought a house!  Or more accurately, we have made an offer on one, for a theoretical moving date of the end of June.  From now until then, we have to pack up every single thing we own, for moving day (or M-Day, as I'm inevitably calling it.)  This means that hobby stuff like my models and painting will have to go into the deep-freeze for that time, although hopefully I will ultimately be unpacking them in a brand-new Man-Cave, potentially even with space for my painting and gaming to be permanently set up!  Onwards and Upwards...

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