Sunday, March 11, 2012

Basing the ACW Armies

I thought I'd get a few pictures up to show off the results of the weekend's work, but sadly the camera dies on me!  Here are the pictures I was able to get from my blackberry - not great, but they do the job...  :-(

 Poorly lit, I'll grant you, but this shows the results of all the basing work - the Infantry and artillery for the ANV are now completed!  I followed advice from online forums and wshed all the plastic sprues in soapy water, to remove any residual coatings from manufacture.  That done, I started cutting them all free and glued them to the MDF bases (I tend to use PVA normally, but I was careful to use a knife to score the underside of the figures' bases and increase 'grip' between the two surfaces, which are otherwise a bit too smooth.)
 Here's what I didn't manage to show before - the Newline Designs 20mm lead figures!  I've followed my usual system of basing the corps commanders on a 2p coin (which the 20mm figures just about fit) while I used a spare 60mm x 60mm MDF base for the army HQ.
Interesting point - these two figures show a 20mm lead model and a 1/72 plastic model horseman (the plastic officer comes from the Italeri Union Artillery set.)  The heights are virtually identical, and they make a good match.  If anything, the lead figure tends to be slightly bulkier, so the online advice was right: 1/72 plastics should not be paired up with 25mm figures, as those are too big.  20mm seems to work just fine, and will pass all but the closest scrutiny.

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