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The Anglo-Allied Army List

I have, at present, three different sources for Waterloo army lists. First is the original Horse Foot & Guns (DBA-style) rules by Phil Barker which give lists for all three armies; next is the Waterloo Companion book which is far more detailed and complete; and finally there is the Wikipedia page giving the lists for all troops in the campaign. In going through these three even in my own casual style, it's swiftly become clear that nobody quite agrees! Typical...

So, I have gone through it myself and adapted the HFG lists as I feel suitable, to fit with the Waterloo Companion lists which are far more detailed and therefore I suspect as being far more accurate. I imagine the original lists may have been compiled with a balanced 'points total' in mind, but I am not too big on points for wargaming.

Ignoring any historically accurate 'technical' nomenclature, and simply calling all bases 'Brigades':

The list for the Anglo-Allied Army:

The reserve was under Wellington's direct command, so he is listed as the corps command unit here as well as being the army commander. The divisional level has been skipped out here, and troops are generally grouped by nationality.

Brilliant CP - Wellington
Bay[short for Bayonets, i.e. Infantry] (British) - Kempt's Brigade
Bay (Highland) - Pack's Brigade
Bay (British) - Lambert's Brigade
Inferior Bay (Hanoverian Landwehr) - Vincke's Brigade
Inferior Bay (Hanoverian Landwehr) - Best's Brigade
Light Infantry (Brunswick) - Rauschenplatt's Brigade
Bay (Brunswickers) - Specht's Brigade
Bay (Nassauers) - Kruse's Brigade
British Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Drummond
Hanoverian Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Braun
British RHA Smoothbore Horse Artillery - Ross/Beane
Supply Base

Below is the list for the 1st corps - mostly pretty clear-cut, except that the Dutch brigades are in some cases so large they have to be split up. Large brigades with components of a different nationality have been split along these lines to give a chance for recognising the different countries and maintaining a bit of 'colour'.

CP - Orange
Superior Bay (British Guards) - Maitland's Brigade
Superior Bay (British Guards) - Byng's Brigade
Bay (British) - Halkett's Brigade
Bay (KGL) - Ompteda's Brigade
Bay (Hanoverian) - Kielmansegge's Brigade
Bay (Dutch) - Bijlandt's Brigade
Bay (Dutch) - Saxe-Weimar's Brigade (partial)
Bay (Dutch) - Detmers' Brigade
Bay (Dutch) - d'Aubreme's Brigade (partial)
Bay (Belgian) - d'Aubreme's Brigade (partial)
Bay (Nassauer) - Saxe-Weimar's Brigade (partial)
British Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Adye/Williamson
Dutch Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Opstal
Dutch Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Smissen

Next, 2nd Corps. There are some modifications here. The original list by Phil Barker gave two bases of KGL Bayonets while I could only identify one brigade, and seemed to skip Lyon's brigade out. The Waterloo companion listed Lyon as being a brigade of Hanoverian Landwehr, so I decided to switch the second KGL unit of Bayonets to Hanoverian Landwehr and use them to represent Lyon's Brigade. As done elsewhere, I listed the Landwehr as 'Inferior' quality.

Identifying the Light Infantry was also a bit awkward. I went in the end for Mitchell's brigade, which did at least contain a regiment listed as light infantry. The other one was pretty easy to
guess as Adam's Brigade as it contained the famous '95th Rifles' of the Sharpe novels. Adam also got represented by a second base of regular Brit Bayonets however, as it contained the 52nd Regiment - noted as the numerically strongest unit in the army, and therefore well worth
representing with another base.

CP - Hill
Superior Light Infantry (British Rifles) - Adam's Brigade (partial)
Superior Light Infsntry (British) - Mitchell's Brigade
Bay (KGL) - Du Platt's Brigade
Inferior Bay (Hanoverian Landwehr) - Lyon's Brigade
Inferior Bay (Hanoverian Landwehr) - Halkett's Brigade
Bay (British) - Johnstone's Brigade
Bay (British) - Adam's Brigade (partial)
Light Inf (Dutch) - Anthing's Brigade
Inferior Bay (Dutch Militia) - de Eerens' Brigade
Inferior Bay (Dutch Militia) - d'Hauw's Brigade
British Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Gold/Hawker
Dutch Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Wijnands
Dutch Smoothbore Foot Artillery - Riesz

The Cavalry Corps got listed by Phil Barker as having two fewer units of cavalry than I could find brigades listed. So, I simply added them in! Not sure exactly which ones got skipped, but the two British Light Cavalry bases I added got tentatively identified as Vivian's & Arendschildt's brigades.

CP - Uxbridge
Superior British Heavy Cav (Household) - Somerset
British Heavy Cav (Union Brigade) - Ponsonby
Inferior Dutch Heavy Cav (Carabiniers) - Trip
British Light Cav (Hussars) - Grant
KGL Light Cav (Hussars) - Dornberg
British Light Cav (Lt Dragoons) - Vandaleur
Hanoverian Light Cav (Hussars) - Estorff
Dutch Light Cav - Ghigny
Dutch Light Cav - Merlen
British Light Cav (Hussars) - Vivian
British Light Cav - Arentsschildt
British RHA Smoothbore Horse Artillery - Bull/Webber-Smith/Gardiner
British RHA Smoothbore Horse Artillery - Whinyates/Ramsay/Mercer
Dutch Smoothbore Horse Artillery - Petter/Pittius

So, no small amount of work there for 2012!

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