Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"A Warwick!"

Painting progress with my Wars of the Roses figures, so I thought I'd supply an update.

I have completed one box-load of miniatures, and produced what is effectively a little 'Affinity' for the Earl of Warwick. 40 figures are done in total, partially previously painted ones and rounded out with newly sprayed & painted additions.

The force is split between two bases of Retinue (one each of Longbows and Billmen) and two other bases of Arrayed Levy troops (also one each of Longbows and Bills.) The Retinue troops are wearing Red livery coats, and although my red-liveried figures have to stand in for the Earl of Oxford as well as Warwick's boys, I have added quite a few of Warwick's 'ragged staff' badges. This is mainly because I expect to use them for Warwick far more than Oxford, basically, but from a distance you can't even really tell!

The painting itself was a bit different, as I base-coated the figures with the Army Painter 'Bleached Bone' spray-effect, which works for linen materials nicely but is far lighter than the black basecoat I used on my first batch. Also, I have discovered the Games Workshop wash 'Devlan Mud' after hearing it recommended on the 'Meeples & Miniatures' podcast and found myself very impressed. For those who don't know, it's effectively like a thinner version of the Army Painter 'Dip' in that it makes a basically painted model look shadowed, weathered, etc. For me it has the advantage of not requiring trips up to the loft to set up dipping batches and leaving them to dry with the weird smell of the dip, plus white spirits for the brushes, etc. Much more convenient, and it also ensures a much more bright & colourful medieval army for me - the first batch had black basecoats and were liberally dipped, so they came out a little murky & gloomy by the end. Perhaps realistic, but not quite as pleasant on the tabletop! The only thing remaining now is to varnish the new-paints, then give them a Matt-Finish Spray to kill the shine (even Humbrol's Matt-Varnish has a bit of a sheen to it, I've learned.) The final touch will be some grass-flocking on the bases.

Finally the man himself - Kingmaker Warwick, proud setter-up and puller-down of kings. By way of comparison, Warwick here was done with Devlan Mud and some varnish, while the standard-bearer behind him was (badly, I'll confess) 'dipped' and varnished - quite the difference! No banners yet I must report, mainly because I have ordered the guide from Freezywater on livery colours & banners, so until it arrives our noble standard-bearer is just some lunatic running around the battlefield with a stick.

Painting continues, and I shall try to update you more regularly with my flailing efforts!


  1. Great effort! It's a good feeling when you complete a batch of miniatures. What's next for you then?

  2. Thanks, Richard!

    I will be pressing on with the WotR painting, although I am thinking about a swift mini-project on the side, just to break up all those Longbowmen! Possibly Colonial 6mm in the Sudan, or something completely random like that!


  3. Lovely figs and great painting effects! Well done :-) I too have made my first foray into hard plastic 28mm figs with Saxons and Vikings and dont think I'll be looking back.