Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update on 2012

Excuse the change in appearance, but I have only now gotten round to looking at the alternative designs on Blogger and discovered I can change my layout - the design may alter a little as I sort out my final preference, fix up photos for any background, etc.

Anyway, wargaming-wise, what's been going on? Over Xmas & New Year, I have gotten a copy of 'Hail Caesar' which I hope to try out soon. With this in mind, I have also launched my final push on completing all of my Wars of the Roses figures - around 50 to go, then a mass-varnishing & basing session remains!

Waterloo-plastics are progressing, and I have managed to get them all sprayed with the base-coat to prepare the plastic for painting.

In other plans, I have recently been toying with the plan to get into the WW2 rules 'I ain't been shot mum' for a company-scale WW2 fight, probably using the Plastic Soldier Company's cheap deals.

One bit of news in The Real World is that the plan for me and my wife to sell our flat and move to a house. While good news in itself (could I finally have a permanent spot to paint & game?) it does mean a lot of disruption as we tidy the flat for putting on the market and selling, so painting and gaming opportunities are likely to be scarce for a little while. I shall post whatever I can, however!

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