Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Rulesets

I've recently been  pondering over two rulesets I own.  One is an old 'classic' one, while the other is a new acquisition.  Both are for quite different periods, but both are written (or at least co-authored) by the same guy - Rick Priestley.  

First is Warmaster Ancients, which is sadly no longer in print as far as I know.  I got it several years ago, mainly because I used to own and play the original 'Warmaster' from the Games Workshop fantasy range.  The Human Empire and Dark Elf armies I collected were actually the first time I ever got into 10mm, and I can still remember many fun games with them -despite the armies not numbering much over 8 or 9 units each.  So, I bought the Ancients version and recently dug it out for a re-read, which has led to much browsing on Pendraken and Magister Militum...

Oh, Angry Viking Bloke - how I've missed you!

The Second is a new acquisition, which I was recently given on my birthday.  It's Bolt Action from Warlord Games, which does small-level WW2 combat - roughly squad and company level.  I was attracted to it at least in part because the rules seem to work best in small-scale games, thus preventing the all-too-familiar rules creep which sees the table overloaded with units!  It seems very good, and reminds me of the old Games Workshop 'Epic WH40k' game, which I loved back in my teenage years.  I am now also pondering the Plastic Soldier Company range of 1/72 scale figures, which seem to be the best 'value for money.'  

Germans.  Who knew?

All this navel-gazing has been caused by a present of some birthday money, which came with the strict instruction to spend it on some models or myself!  As such, I'm planning to pop up the road to Carronade 2013 at Falkirk in a week and a half, and get myself a few bits and bobs.  Presently I'm merely enjoying the anticipation!

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