Monday, October 24, 2011

The Battle of Duffield, 1460

The Lancastrian foot trudge southwards, but upon approaching the bridge at Duffield they find the Yorkists, Salisbury & Rutland, waiting for them!

The levies of the vanguard try to deploy, and are rapidly showered with arrows while they try to form for battle.

The levies are having a grim time of it. Where is the rest of the army?
The numbers gathered finally rises to the stage where an assault is made. The Lancastrian horde batters its way over the bridge and attacks Salisbury's ward.
The wily old Salisbury breaks contact and falls back, content that he has done enough damage and the odds are tilting ever further away from him.
He remains defiant through the withdrawal, however. "Neville!"
The crossing at Duffield was a small but bloody affair...
The Earl of Northumberland surveys the scene and counts the cost. No matter: The Lancastrian march southwards continues.

[A quick little knockabout skirmish which, for no reason other than personal nostalgia, I played out with an old copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Actually works quite well, when you filter out all the Orcs & Elves!]


  1. With some tweaks, Warhammer can be a really good set of rules :)I like the small scale of this affair, makes narrative much easier and entertaining.

  2. Hi Matheo, glad you enjoyed it! I am actually having a great time just now with my Wars of the Roses campaign, as I have finally painted enough to let me continue with half-decent pictures of the work in progress! :-)