Thursday, September 22, 2011

New WOTR Figures!

The final (as it is now visualised) part of my Wars of the Roses armies have been ordered, and arrived! Perry have sent the latest of their figures, pictured above. Chief among them are three boxes of archers' stakes, to allow some field defences to be built (they were particularly popular according to the military thinking of the day.) Some, however, allow new units to be fielded.

I now have two bases of Currours (or Scourers, depending on your inclination) to give the armies a little bit of a mounted element. Everybody would usually fight on foot, but having some light horsemen is handy as they seem to have been used primarily for scouting, and also the odd ambush.
Lastly, I have also gotten myself some lead men at arms. These add some variety to the plastic ones, but mainly they replace the six figures I modelled as banner-bearers to follow the leaders about. The six I removed for that needed replacing to give me the desired number of bases, as otherwise I was slightly short on potential command-bases. One final, major, painting push could see me there!

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