Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waterloo Box

The first bits of the Waterloo plastic armies have arrived! The Airfix box was indeed a good starter-set as I have bagged a bunch of odd-figures such as Highland infantry, Royal Horse Artillery, and British Hussars in dandy bearskins. The quality on some is a little variable, with the French Foot artillery in particular looking a little cartoonish in their proportions, but this is something I had been tipped to expect by plasticsoldierreview.

I'll list The full contents of the box, incidentally, as I couldn't find details online anywhere else. They are as follows:
1 Model farmhouse
1 diorama base, in two separate sheets
1 sprue of 48 Highlander Infantry
1 sprue of 48 British Line Infantry (Belgic Shakos)
1 sprue of Royal Horse Artillery, consisting of 2 cannon and a limber.
1 sprue of British Cavalry (Hussars, with bearskins)
1 sprue of French Grenadiers
1 sprue of French Line Infantry
1 sprue of French Cavalry (wearing Grecian helmets, who look like Dragoons or similar medium-ish cavalry)
1 sprue of French Foot Artillery consisting of 3 guns
1 sprue of Prussian Infantry (Landwehr, by the looks of 'em)
1 sprue of Farmyard equipment such as a farmer's wagon, timber barricades, sacks of equipment, etc.

As you'll see, you only ever get 1 sprue of each, so it's a bit of a taster box rather than anything else. A Good all-round starting point, as far as I'm concerned! The farm will also be handy for my gaming in general, as a mid-European farm can be used in a couple of the periods I game. The diorama base is pretty much useless to my plans, however. Shame, as it would probably look quite nice if painted and grassed. The farm equipment is a bit of a random addition, but I'll make good use of it to create an army's Supply base for its rear (basically doing the same job as the 'Camp' stand in DBA.)

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