Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1455 - The Castle Inn

The first Scenario in 'A Crown of Paper' (ACOP) is the 1455 scenario of 'The Castle Inn' which features York up in Yorkshire (naturally) while Henry VI plus his councillors (including Somerset) are in London, preparing to march in a royal procession to Leicester in the East Midlands. The scenario is unchanged from the historical one as nothing has happened yet in my re-fight. York and his supporters have gathered, and must block the royal progress before it reaches it’s destination!

It all progresses fairly swiftly as York heads south on a directly blocking path, rather than dally around with gathering reinforcements. He reaches Leicester himself within a few days, precluding any hope that the king will get there before he can intercept. The slow-paced march by the Council & retainers reaches Northampton on the northwards march, until the heralds bring in news - York is in the vicinity with an army of retainers and supporters! Before they have a chance to gather their own support across the Midlands however, York moves first.

York makes a slight sideways detour westwards to Coventry, allowing the Earl of Warwick to gather some supporters there - sadly not as many as he hoped, with some even having the temerity to send nothing but excuses! (Does nobody have the nerve to attack the god-ordained king?) Still, when York’s army turned east and intercepted the Royal force on the road to Leicester, he had a comfortable numerical edge.

A quick scan of Google Maps and Wikipedia led me to pick Lutterworth as a decent-sounding town between Northampton and Leicester, which would have been as likely as anywhere for the confrontation. The forces present for the first tip over the abyss into armed rebellion are:

Duke of York 960 Retinue & Well-wishers
Earl of March 780 Retinue & Well-wishers
(Note - York’s son Edward, the Earl of March is 13 years old at present, and his retinue will be led by a suitable captain of his father.)
Earl of Warwick 1320 Retinue & Well-wishers
Baron Clinton 240 Retinue
Earl of Salisbury 900 Retinue & Well-wishers
Total of 4200 men

(King Henry VI Present)
Duke of Somerset 420 Retinue
Duke of Buckingham 360 Retinue
Earl of Northumberland 480 Retinue
Earl of Pembroke 360 Retinue
Earl of Wiltshire 360 Retinue
Earl of Devon 360 Retinue
Lord Clifford 420 Retinue
Baron Egremont 180 Retinue
Total of 2940 men

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