Sunday, August 16, 2009

2mm Napoleonics

Ages ago, through reading the 'Horse Foot & Guns' rules, I had the inspiration to buy a vast amount of 2mm Irregular Miniatures troops, to recreate some major Napoleonic battles. Too many, it turned out, as painting was a nightmare and the hwole thing dropped away. However, I've now refreshed the whole thing and turned a neglected old tin of lead and card into a smaller, fresher army - or so I thought.

I rebased them, painted and/or repainted them all, and had quite the little powerhouse of a French and Allied army pairing - at least, that was how I remembered it! I was intending to post a quick battle report from these 2mm figures, only to have it dawn on me at the last minute that I'd finished the French but not the Allied force. D'oh! Once more, back to the painting table...

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