Sunday, July 27, 2014

Republican Roman Cavalrymen

Something of a random departure here - some Republican Roman Cavalrymen I recently painted.

This is basically prompted by the fact that one manufacturer (Agema Miniatures) have just released a great little boxed-set of Roman infantry, and another (Victrix Miniatures) appear to be on the brink of releasing their own.  I've long fancied a Punic Wars force, but the appearance of 28mm plastic minisseems to have pushed me over the edge - much in the way that I got into WOTR when the Perrys released theirs.  

My plan is to put together a modest force of Romans, probably in line with a 300-point force for Impetus, or around a dozen bases.  Until Victrix get their finger out and release their plastic infantry box, I'm making do with the other units required, such as Cavalry.  The above are, I think, Crusader Miniatures models.  Th epainting isn't entirely finished yet but I've also made a go of painting them more in the three-shades style that I believe Kevin Dallimore promotes (basically a bit more abstract, with black areas between coloured regions to add lines, impressionistic painting of faces etc. in a way that looks excellent from a distance.)  

I'll see how this one runs with the upcoming releases over the future months, at any rate!

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