Sunday, January 3, 2010

Medieval Army in 6mm

Happy New Year!

After a prolonged silence and related xmas/new-year shenanigans, I have been busy working away in my spare hours to paint and plan. I have been painting quite a volume of 15mm SYW figures over the last few months, so now I have been indulging in some various periods, what with a change being as good as a rest, and all that! So, here are the results of my labours: primarily, my Baccus 6mm Wars of the Roses armies are done up, providing me with DBA/Impetus forces for many late-medieval battles of a historical and fictional nature!
The full host: 27 bases all told!
Mounted knights - the flower of chivalry, plus some ludicrously over-bannered generals!

The mass of the footsloggers - Longbowmen, all in retainer livery (fictional, but as records are so vague, who cares?)
A little close-up of some of them (a black undercoat hides a multitude of sins!)

Billmen to back up the Longbowmen, who outnumber them about 2:1. A little forest of bills, halberds, poleaxes and all manner of terrifyingly pointy bits of metal!
A further close-up. As a lot of other people on the web seem to have done, I have clipped the six 4-long strips of troops into eight 3-long, to fit the 60mm x 30mm base.

The nobility on foot - a mass of men at arms in 'white' armour. Far too many for WotR forces, but they'll be handy for dismounted knights in the HYW French army.

Disgraceful common villeins! City militia in Spear-wielding masses, plus some contemptible mercenary crossbowmen.

The Full Crowd - A fine spectcle en masse, although this lot will spend more time fighting each other. I have no decent campaign rules at hand, plus I have only just had my first experimental try-out games with Basic Impetus, to get a feel for it. Marvellous!
(Oh, and stand by for my attempts to sell various old miniatures in the new year, as part of a big cleanup! I will post links and details, if anybody feels like picking up a clutch of troops to strengthen their own forces!)


  1. Superb looking army. The Bacchus figures are SO good!

  2. Cracking result there, loving the banners and the different coloured lances on the Knights, really brings the army to life!